Wyatt Halliwell
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Wyatt Halliwell

The Charmed Ones, Desperate Housewives and Celebrity Sisters Celebs

Wyatt Halliwell (played by Jason Patrick Simmons and Kristopher Robert Simmons)

Wyatt Halliwell


Mother: Piper Halliwell
Father: Leo Wyatt

Powers: Orbing, Telekinesis, Pyrokenesis, Forcefield Generation, Healing, Conjuring , Sensing.

As the first child of a whitelighter and one of the Charmed Ones he has almost unlimited powers. Feared by the evil side and even by the Elders he was in constant danger from birth on. The Elder Gideon tried to kill him and by doing so he almost turned the little boy to the evil side. His younger brother Chris came back from a future ruled by an adult and then evil Wyatt to prevent his brother from turning evil. Wyatt Matthew Halliwell - Piper and Leo's new son, Wyatt, is the newest addition to the Halliwell manor. A prophecy foretold of the birth of a twice-blessed child to be born on a day when three planets aligned on a Wiccan sabbat during the Aurora Borealis and magic would be removed from the world. When Evil discovered the prophecy, they plotted to steal Wyatt, who was destined to be powerful, in order to make him a powerful force for Evil. Fortunately, the sisters managed to keep the baby from falling into the demons' hands. Even though Piper and Leo knew that their child would be very powerful, both were surprised at the reaction to the baby from the demonic community. When two demons offered bounty for Wyatt, the sisters eventually went on the offensive and killed as many demons as possible in order to send a message that demons should not try to harm the baby. To their surprise, a prophetic demon called a Crone informed them that a law would be passed to prevent any further attempts to harm the baby because a war over the child would be detrimental rather than beneficial to evil. While Piper believed the Crone to an extent, the idea that her child had caused such fear in the demonic community troubled her somewhat. When it came time to name him, Piper and Leo encountered difficulties because throughout Piper's pregnancy they had both assumed that she was having a girl. Leo agreed with Piper that the baby's last name should be Halliwell because of the name's magical significance. Piper eventually thought of the idea of giving him the first name of Wyatt to honor Leo and the middle name of Matthew to honor Paige, after she risked her life to save her nephew from bounty hunters. Wyatt has been coming very quickly into his powers and the sisters have received an impression of his full capabilities when he grows older. He created a dragon, which caused a group of magical beings called the Cleaners to try to take him away from Piper, but she managed to persuade them to leave Wyatt with her. He is also the being destined to wield the powerful sword Excalibur, but Piper is trying to keep him away from the sword until he is older.