Paige Matthews
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Paige Matthews

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Paige Matthews (played by Rose Mcgowan)

Paige MatthewsPaige Matthews is Piper and Phoebe's long-lost half sister, she’s the youngest of the new Charmed Ones. Paige was the result of an affair between their mother and her Whitelighter Sam. Because the Elders strictly forbade witches and whitelighters to become involved, Patty feared for her daughter's life and abandoned her at a church. Paige was adopted by a loving family and had a good childhood. Nevertheless, she began cutting classes and drinking heavily in high school. It took her parents' deaths in a car crash to get her to finally clean up her act. She turned her life around, quit drinking, went to college, and got a job in social services. Paige was excited when she found out she had sisters, but apprehensive on learning she was a witch. Her impulsive and headstrong behavior makes it a bit difficult to follow the magical rules that her sisters set up for her. Nevertheless, she has accepted her role as a Charmed One, and has even moved into the Manor.

 Paige’s powers are the following:

Telekinetic Orbing: A different form of telekinesis. The wielder of this power calls for the object or person with their voice or just mind, causing the object of person to dematerialize, and rematerialize wherever the person wishes.
Orbing: The ability to dematerialize and rematerialize in an other place, wherever the wielder of this power wishes. This can happen instantaneous or not. People who have a teleportation power can also teleport other people, if they hold on to them.
Glamouring: The ability to change your physical form into the form of a other person.

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 Paige Matthews


Paige Matthews