Leo Wyatt
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Leo Wyatt

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Leo Wyatt (played by Brian Krause)

Leo WyattLeo Wyatt is the Charmed Ones' whitelighter (guardian angel for good witches) and is also Piper Halliwell's husband. Leo met Piper when he was assigned to be the whitelighter for the Halliwell sisters. And, although it is forbidden for a whitelighter and a witch to have a relationship, Piper and Leo fell in love. Leo died in the World War II battle at Guadalcanal and was reincarnated as a Whitelighter in recognition of the good deeds he had done. He was assigned to the Charmed Ones and quickly fell in love with Piper, which was forbidden by the Elders. Leo's tendency to follow the rules is in complete contrast to the Charmed Ones' tendency to break them. Nevertheless, Piper and Leo managed to stay together and finally got married (once the Elders gave their blessings). They have two sons now one named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell and Chris Halliwell. Leo agreed with Piper that the baby's last name should be Halliwell because of the name's magical significance.

Leo’s Powers is:

Cloaking: The ability to shield oneself or others from the sensing powers of other beings.
Glamouring: The ability to change your physical form into the form of a other person.
Healing: A whitelighter's ability to heal a person. However, there are some limits to this power. The power can be used to heal the whitelighter's charges; the power is triggered by the deep love the whitelighter has for his/her charge. However, the charge can only be healed when hurt by a demon. It also can't be used on animals or demons, but it can be used to repair certain objects. Only full-fledged whitelighters wield this power. While whitelighter-hybrids wield some other whitelighter powers such as orbing and glamouring, they can't heal.
Orbing: The ability to dematerialize and rematerialize in an other place, wherever the wielder of this power wishes. This can happen instantaneous or not. People who have a teleportation power can also teleport other people, if they hold on to them.
Sensing: The ability to locate other people. Whitelighters can use this power to track their charges, gauge places where they can orb in without beings noticed (also for whitelighter hybrids) and to sense darklightes.
Electrokinesis: The ability to create and control electricity. This power is usually channeled through the hands. (And Many More Powers)


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Leo Wyatt


Leo Wyatt