Chris Halliwell
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Chris Halliwell

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Chris Halliwell (played by Drew Fuller)

Chris HalliwellSecond son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt

Powers of Chris: Orbing, telekinesis

Little is known about the youngest Halliwell. One year younger than Wyatt he appears as adult (about 22 years old) in the show. He came back from the future, first to save the world, then to save Wyatt and finally to save himself. Engaged with the phoenix witch Bianca he is determined to prevent his brother Wyatt from becoming evil. Posing as the Charmed Ones whitelighter, encouraging Leo to become an elder and sending him off to Valhalla he appears to be the centre of a web of lies and intrigues and his loyalties are unclear. Having lost his mother Piper when he was 14 he developed a strong bounding with his grandfather Victor Bennett. Having lost his mother early and never really got to know his father Leo, he has a hard time to adjust in a present where both are alive and around.

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Chris Halliwell

 Chris Halliwell