Ashley Callie (beter known as Leone Haines)
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Ashley Callie

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Ashley Callie

(beter known as Leone Haines in Isidingo)


Ashley Callie (died 2008-02-15) was a South African actress best known for her role as Leone Haines in Isidingo (from 2000 to 2008). Callie died on 15 February 2008 as a result of head injuries from a head-on car accident in Johannesburg, South Africa on 8 February 2008. She was 32 years old.

Callie began her career with a role in the SABC TV production, Homeland, directed by Neil Sundstrom. Thereafter, she starred in a number of series, including Natural Rhythm. She also spent some time in Cape Town, South Africa, where she starred in a number of commercials for the local South African market, as well as for overseas markets.[citation needed]

On 2007-03-15, Callie told Lynne Gidis of Top Billing magazine that playing the role of Lee Haines on Isidingo had been a life long ambition of hers. She had been a fan of the show ever since it first aired in 1998. In this interview, she explains how she does not enjoy the fame that comes with her celebrity status, and that her family is an extremely important part of her life. She also goes on to explain why her character, Lee Haines, is not at all like her.

In addition to her role in Isidingo (Which she held from 2000, up until her death in 2008), Callie was co-owner of La Vista social club, in Melville, Johannesburg. In 2006, she won the SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) award for best actress, for her role in Isidingo. The awards took place at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 2006-10-28. She is currently (as of 2008) nominated for a Mzanzi Star Actress award in the annual Stars of Mzanzi awards in South Africa.



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